Why Are Your Creative Plans Derailed By Fear?

Why does fear accompany creativity?

In a nutshell, because creative pursuits put you in the realm of uncertainty. And we don’t like uncertainty.

Fear never goes away and everyone has it

A few weeks ago I heard Julia Cameron give a talk. Even though she has written over 40 books she confessed that each time she fears that she won’t be able to do another, that she won’t be able to summon up the inspiration and courage to pull it off.

Use fear as a compass

Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, refers to fear as resistance. It is usually an inner battle that we have to overcome.

How to get through fear and do it anyway

The first step is to acknowledge that fear will always be there. You are not the only person afflicted by it. It is normal that it accompanies creative pursuits. This alone can take away some of the pressure and dissolve self-loathing.

Coming soon…

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