What measure of success will create value for you?

1 — Scratching the creative itch

I admit to being seduced by the success articles because I want to achieve my goals. I would like my novel not just to be published but to be a best seller. I would also love more people on my mailing list as this would give me the option of making money from my creative endeavours in the future.

2 — Lifestyle

Sometimes success comes down to not how much you have in the bank but if you are getting the right lifestyle. For the past seventeen years I have been fortunate enough to only work a day job three days a week thus giving me more time for my creative pursuits. This is really important to me. I need time and headspace for myself.

3 — Acceptance

Success is accepting the life you have and the decisions you have made. It can bring enormous peace of mind to acknowledge your life as it is, both the good bits and the bad.

I’d love to know what you think

What does success mean to you? Do you feel that you are successful? If not then what would need to be different in your life to feel that way?

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