Tom. You are so brave to write about this topic, as it is one that can easily offend. However you have been very respectful and graceful as you examine your beliefs and doubts. Well done.

I grew up Christian but discovered Buddhism in my early twenties. I found that the things that rankled with me in Christianity were more easily answered in Buddhism.

Over all though I think that faith is faith, and the rest is packaging. Different packaging appeals to different people, so as I entered adulthood I came across a packaging that was more suited to me.

Also, human beings will always be fallible. Everyone makes mistakes. Even those that say they are religious or have faith will monumentally screw up from time to time!

It is fantastic that you are in Bali at the moment as you can experience the way other people view the world and then draw your own conclusions.

You, or anyone else who is curious, can find out more about Buddhism at

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