Thank you Medium — I love you

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Well, as we say in Great Britain — it’s a bit of a bugger.

Over the New Year I was waxing lyrically to myself about how great Medium was. I decided to focus less on trying to guest blog on other sites and to instead build my readership on Medium. And now everything is changing at Medium and some people are predicting the end of the world.

I love Medium. I only discovered it six months ago and I have learned so much from all of you particularly Todd Brison, Mike Sturm, Jeff Goins, Jon Westenberg, Darius Foroux, Tiffany Sun, everyone at The Mission, The Writing Cooperative and Coffeelicious. You have all inspired me to write more and write better.

Jeff — I’m doing 500 words a day since the beginning of the month. I haven’t signed up to your Facebook group but I’m quietly here, beavering away, excited at the prospects of what 500 words a day will bring.

It was such a buzz when I first had an article published by a publication, The Creators Path. Thank you Mike Sturm. Recently, I had this published in The Writing Cooperative and it has the most number of recommends I have received. It also brought people over to my website to subscribe to my list — which is one of my goals of being here.

The Mission and Coffeelicious — you are still on my watchlist and I will write something in the next few weeks that you will want to publish (in fact I have something on the go at the moment, 500 words at a time, that will be winging its way to Coffeelicious soon).

And now things are changing at Medium.

I’d always wondered how they made money given that there wasn’t an ad in sight. Turns out they weren’t doing so well! Personally it wouldn’t bother me if there were ads on the site, as long as the content is still freely available and laid out before me on a wonderful email that I receive every morning.

I have concerns about a subscription model. One of the ways that Medium serves me is that I share articles every day in my social media accounts and my followers love that I find such useful things for them to read. I would hate for these great articles to be behind a paywall. I also think subscription would reduce readership which might defeat the purpose of being here. Although on the other hand subscription would bring committed readers — so there is an argument both ways.

I would be happy to pay a small subscription to keep writing on Medium provided the content is freely available to the world. Perhaps this is a model which can be explored. You can read for free but if you want to write you have to subscribe.

Whatever happens in the future, let’s keep being our great selves right now. Let’s keep writing and supporting each other just as we always have. Let’s make the initial intentions of Medium prevail — if the words we write are good enough then they will float to the top of a sea of crap.

Thank you Medium for everything you have done for me.

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