Should You Give Up Your Day Job To Make More Art?

I’m thinking about this a lot at the moment

This is a conundrum that I am going around at the moment. I’m going to publish my novel next year. Even though the manuscript is now finished there is a lot of work to do in terms of actually creating the book and then setting up the online marketing infrastructure. I also need to write some related articles and get myself as a guest on some blogs and podcasts. And of course, continue writing a sequel and Gentle Creative blogs.


How can you downsize your expenses?


How much time do you really need? When I first started thinking about this I came up with an arbitrary six months, but when I listed the jobs that needed doing and put an estimated time budget against this the result was less.

Attitude to your job

Is quitting your job really about making more art or do you just want to escape a job that you hate? In my Buddhist practice we are encouraged to not run from difficult situations but stay and create a victory before moving on.

Work ethic, motivation and accountability

What is your work ethic like now for your creative project? Are you actually working as much as you can on it now? If so then you are likely to continue to make the most of your time if you ditched your job.


How can you replace community and human contact? This is an overlooked benefit of having a job. It gives you regular structure and human contact. The so-called ‘water-cooler’ conversation sounds cheesy but you often spend more time with your work colleagues than anyone else in your life.


This is the biggy. How will you deal with fear? If you think fear, procrastination, the gremlin, the beast — whatever you like to call it — is bad now, wait until you’ve thrown all your eggs into your artistic basket.

Are you making money now from your art?

Do you have a market already for your art? Are you on social media, have an email list, regularly publish or exhibit?

Realistic advice on being creative alongside your busy life. I write novels too. Need romantic escapism? Check out

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