My Thoughts On Ukraine and Being a Writer

Cali Bird
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

It’s impossible to write anything at the moment without thinking of the situation in Ukraine. My heart goes out to the people there and for those suffering in Russia because of Mr Putin’s actions.

In my Buddhist chanting I am praying for them to have the fortitude to get through and also for Mr Putin to be deposed from within. Will you join me in this prayer or intention?

A lot of people are wondering if it is okay to write about our normal stuff and carry on as if nothing is happening. My stance is that I am not going to let a crazy dictator get in the way of my plans and my mission.

I realise that I am saying that from the privilege of not living in a war zone. If the situation were to escalate and things change in the UK then my thoughts might change. But right now, this is where I am at.

If you need more reassurance that it is okay to continue with your creative plans, check out this article by publishing maven, Zibby Owens:

I also found this on Twitter this morning. It’s about a library that operated in a bomb shelter in East London during World War Two:

Books bring comfort and escape. Never doubt the value and the power of your writing. Please continue to speak your truth.

If you are in the UK you can use this link to donate to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal

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