I Haven’t Written For Two Weeks

And it’s such a relief to be back

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I’ve just taken a professional exam. I could have taken a three day course but to save money I chose to learn it myself from the book. I am regularly mentally overloaded so I decided to just focus on the exam for two weeks and not write or do any tasks related to publishing my novel.

In my day job I’m a software tester so I have just sat the ISTQB Foundation level (which is a testing qualification).

Initially it was bliss. I didn’t have to pull 500 words a day out of my head or make book publicity stuff happen. My only extra curricula task was to plod through the chapters in the book about fundamental test processes. It wasn’t the most exciting material but the nerdy, competitive side of my character wanted to do well in the practice questions and mock exam papers.

It was also easier to justify to my husband and my family that I would be less available at the weekend because I needed to study. Why is it that we don’t give our writing as much priority?

But last week I started missing writing. The activity that roots my day, especially first thing in the morning, was missing. I begun to feel adrift.

I’m a snooze queen at the best of times but I discovered it was even harder to get up in the morning when I wasn’t going to squeeze in 45 minutes or an hour of writing time before starting everything else.

By the end of last week I had a malaise, and a slight panic, that things weren’t moving forward in my publishing project. In reality progress is being made as my editor, who is proof-reading the manuscript, gave me some fantastic positive feedback at the changes I had made since the line edit. The cover is also finalised.

And now I’m back. I could have written this article a day or two ago but I wanted to stick to my pledge to focus just on the exam.

I’ve got a reader magnet to write and there will be proof edits to process any day now.

I’m actually looking forward to getting to bed in a timely manner so I can pull myself out of the pit in the morning and get my fingers onto the keyboard.

The exam result? I passed! Hooray!

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