Hi Katie

Thanks for your response. How can I tell what version of the app I am using? I’ve had a look and I can’t see anything obvious to tell me this.

I have noticed that if I am in the Home screen of the app and click on a series then it is OK. However, the problem seems to occur when going into the app from something else. This article of Todd’s was in my daily email digest. I clicked on the link on my phone and the article opens in the app. But it is when I then click the link that Todd gave in the article of his series that it asks me to Open it in the app. But I’m already in the app!

I noticed the same thing in Twitter last week. Todd tweeted a link to his series and again I couldn’t get past the Open in App screen even though I have the app.

I’d love to be able to see this new feature properly because then I could figure out how to use it for myself.


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