Divinity And Beyond — Top Takeaways From Our Reading of Big Magic

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I can heartily recommend re-reading a favourite book on creativity and talking about each chapter with a friend, on camera.

We are now on our last episode of Unlocking Big Magic where Lesley and I review our top takeaways from the series. If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, don’t worry. This where we recap our favourite and most powerful parts of the book.

I talk about my favourite sentence — Fear is a desolate boneyard where dreams go to desiccate in the hot sun.

And we also return to the chapter where Liz Gilbert says how normal it is to have a day job and how artists through the ages have struggle to have enough time and energy to work on their creative projects. When I read this section, it was such a comfort to me and also a vindication that my struggles were worth it.

Lesley recaps how she loves the concept, and impermanence, of following your curiosity. It’s so much easier and requires less commitment than being tied to following your passion. She also talks about how seeking or avoiding perfectionism can sometimes be our downfall.

If you feel like you need a creative pick-me-up, or a whistlestop tour of all the fantastic things we can learn from Liz Gilbert, tune in now.

You can watch below, or click through to my blog if you want to read the transcript.

If you’re intrigued by the exercise we did in the Elizabeth Gilbert workshop, you can read more about it here:

I’d like to offer a huge thank you to Lesley Pyne for collaborating with me on this project, for all her ideas, wisdom and hard work. Thank you Lesley.

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