Be honest about your vulnerabilities

The opposite of fear is love

It is OK to have fears. They are natural, but they are not necessarily true. Many years ago, when I was doing my life-coach training, I was told that 80% of our worries don’t happen. That’s an awful lot of wasted time, energy and emotion! I have also discovered through past experience that the biggest obstacle to my creativity is not other people but myself.

Why trust the treasures of the heart?

There is meaning in all human interaction, even the stuff that you would rather not face. Treasures of the heart will allow you to continue in difficult times.

Be honest with your vulnerabilities. They make great art, whether you are writing music, a novel or making a sculpture.

Trust in the treasures of the heart to move through each day in spite of those vulnerabilities. While it may bring up your deepest fears, you will also discover your deepest strengths.

Realistic advice on being creative alongside your busy life. I write novels too. Need romantic escapism? Check out

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