Are you too busy to be creative?

Cali Bird
4 min readDec 16, 2018
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You are just too busy to be creative. You have the best of intentions but other stuff and other people just keep getting in the way.

You would love to be creative but you never seem to find the time.

You’ve heard that some people get up early and do their art before the rest of their day starts. You’d love to do that but you keep hitting your snooze button and you don’t really get to bed early enough to get up at 5am.

There are just too many people with too many demands on your time. You don’t know how you will ever build a consistent creative routine.

Value your creativity

If you don’t value your creativity then your time will slip away in all kinds of ways and you will justify these other tasks as being important.

I’m not telling you that going to work and earning money to pay your bills isn’t important. Of course it is. Unless you win the lottery or marry someone rich you are going to have to keep doing that.

However, have a look at where your time goes outside of work. Do you have to socialise three nights a week? Does your house have to be an immaculate palace? Do you have to iron your underwear as well as your work shirts?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and it is down to us on how we decide to use it.

If you value your creative time, others will too

The amazing thing about you valuing your creative time is that other people will then start to respect it too. When I first changed from full time work to working three days a week it was fun to have time and space in the day time when I would have normally have been at work. Friends would say something like, “Oh, you’re not working on Tuesday Cali, would you like to meet up for lunch?”

I would merrily skip along, spending time going in and out of town as well as having a leisurely lunch. Because I was no longer ‘working’ that day I had got up later than usual too, so now there wasn’t a busting load of time to get on with my writing.

Initially I was frustrated about this and how easy it was for my precious two days a week to be frittered away. Somewhere along the line the penny dropped…



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