A Conversation On Why Creativity And Fear Go Hand In Hand

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I have recently recorded a series of conversations on the fabulous creativity book by Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic.

Published in 2015 this book soon became a creativity “bible” for me. Even if you are not a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert’s other books (such as Eat Pray Love) I still heartily recommend reading Big Magic. I promise you it will address all the hang-ups and barriers you might have around your creative process and dreams.

In this series of conversations, I’m chatting with Lesley Pyne, author of Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness. There are six chapters in the book with the following titles — Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity. We decided to create an episode for each of the chapters and talk about what it means to us and our creativity.

In this episode — Courage — we cover the following topics:

  • What is creative living?
  • Is it just about art with a capital A?
  • Why does fear accompany creative pursuits?
  • Two types of fear.
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
  • Creativity means showing our vulnerability — and this creates fear.
  • Is creativity selfish, or does it make us better people?

Click through to this post now to watch or listen to the episode

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