Then I’d like to talk to you please

I’m fascinated by writers who don’t write. You know, they’re suffering from some kind of writer’s block. I’m wondering whether I could create a course or coaching product that would help them.

But before I can do that, I need to speak to people who’ve been there, done it —…

Open Letters

I really should appreciate you more

Dear Cali’s Body

I have to apologise. A month ago I wrote this rant because I was so fed-up with post-COVID tiredness:

I’m sorry if this made you feel bad.

In the last 18 months you’ve coped with so much: grief, severe burnout, taking some bold steps to change our…

You’ve created value in the past and you will do it again in the future

Hustle, hustle, hustle. Make use of every spare minute. Have your laptop on the kitchen counter so you can type a sentence or two in between making lunch and attending to the baby.

This is all incredibly admirable. I’m in awe of mothers who manage to write in these circumstances…

Cali Bird

Realistic advice on being creative alongside your busy life. I write novels too. Need romantic escapism? Check out

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