13 Reasons Why Failure is Good

#7 — It drives us to find a better way

Failure hurts. But if we are to have any chance of achieving our goals or deeply-held desires, we must be open to it.

Here are 13 reasons why failure doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

1. It allows us to learn.

2. It is better to try and fail (and learn) then never give it a go.

3. We won’t get better if we are not prepared to fail.

4. It keeps us humble.

5. Each iteration of failure (or rejection) brings us closer to something that might work.

6. It tests whether we are really serious about our goals. If we’re not then we give up. If it is something that we desire strongly then we will keep going.

7. It drives us to find a better way.

8. Other people can learn from our failures.

9. Seeking alternative solutions keeps our brain active and keeps us open to innovative solutions.

10. Success, when it arrives, will be so much sweeter, and more fun.

11. Our ability to fail, but keep going, inspires other people to have a go at their deepest desires.

12. We will understand the value of that success because it has been hard won.

13. We can transfer those lessons to other endeavour and maybe achieve those quicker or better than we might otherwise have done.

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